Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Emery Board

imagine the little pink sock
is an old fashioned emery board
insert Olivia
 you now have the happiest cat on earth
while cleaning out a drawer the other day
I found a few dozen emery boards
set them on the kitchen table
beside a few other things to take to mom
later that night
the sound of them hitting the floor caught my attention
next thing I hear is "someone"
playing with one
the sound goes on and on

finally she tears in to the living room
up on the bed
with one in her mouth
where she proceeds to carry on for at least an hour
every day since has played with it
rolling and flipping around on the bed
if I lands on the floor
she quickly carries it back up
Melrose checks out what she's up too
he doesn't get it...
he'd rather watch the birds at the feeder
All I know is I'd like to find my own pink sock



Jacque. said...

What a character your girl is! xo

jan said...

:) Our kitties. Sugar loves the ring off the mayo jar and ignores her $20 toy. ???

WoolenSails said...

My kitties love them too, great for chewing on, lol.


susiedele said...

Cute post. Aren't kitties just the cat's meow:-)

acorn hollow said...

So cute and it made you smile.