Monday, May 11, 2015

Small Scrappy Antique Quilts

spent most of my vacation days indoors
puttering in the sewing room
in between the cleaning

cutting patches from the fabric stash
as I organized and packed it up
cutting squares and strips
ready for nine patch and log cabin blocks

then I saw this photo
so had to add triangles and rectangles to the mix

doing everything by hand
makes it so much easier to share the process with mom
the patches are traced at home
then with her I can cut them out
she can put them in to stacks
by color or shape
managed to cut a lot of wool strips too
I mix them all up in a large clear bag
another project to organize
Mom and the ladies talk about the colors
In other boring news:
- the weather kept me from my outdoor goals
looking to later this week
cooler temps arrive
so mornings will be outside
- my wardrobe is unbelievably shabby
not in the chic good way
scrubs have become my go to outfit
even on my days off I wear them to visit Mom
in case she's in a mood
then I can leave at my usual time claiming work
go back later after she has a nap
I need everything
once the Medicaid application has been resolved
there may be a huge shopping spree
or not
if I owe more than five or so thousand
the threadbare, mended Ohio grunge look
will be the fashion
Trying to stay positive...


Diane said...

Sounds like you need a hug! Thanks for sharing the sweet little quilts. Hugs to you and mom.

audrey said...

The little quiltlets are so pretty! Love how wonderfully you take care of your mom.:)

marly said...

Got a chuckle about the scrubs. Great idea!

Jacque. said...

I applaud you every day for what you give to your Mom. Love all your photos today. xo