Monday, May 4, 2015

Still Packing

outside work will be delayed until after
visiting mom today
there is still so much to pack up
for the rummage sale
everything has to be cleaned or polished
except for the pewter
all of this goes
the carved/painted boards were done
by my sister Deb in the 80's
there are a few more around the house
that need packed up too...
that gold wallpaper?
it's even more gold in person
high on the list to change
as I pack things it brings back
so many good memories
my parents made a wonderful life here
I am so blessed


Orange Sink said...

Hi Kelley,
You are so right about being blessed for having been raised by good parents! Wishing you well as you pack away the pieces of the past but hang on to the wonderful memories!
Cathy G

Bobbie said...

BEautiful arrangement, Kelley! I would be very torn to pack those painted, wood carvings...they are beautiful!! Good luck with that gold wall...I have a blue one I've been getting rid of for four's still there....

marly said...

My Mom held on to her things even though she really wanted to change it all. That helped me let go. I've been searching EBay for Wilton or pewter mugs and items - they will sell quickly!