Thursday, May 21, 2015


being together
working on our own projects
is the most natural thing for Mom and I

the big change is now
I'm working on quilts
 she is working on rug hooking
still saying she wants to try the actual hooking again week

I try to switch up the colors every day
need to dig in to my baskets with wool to over dye
find some brights...
so she can ask me what I'm thinking
we are both happiest with the drab and muted
been stitching on a small quilt
from my stash
we think maybe Frank will like it
we talk about him every day
wishing him strength and health
planning on him coming the next time with Deb
and Deb...
she'll be here Monday


WoolenSails said...

It is great seeing your mom working on projects again, she is in her element.


Bobbie said...

It's wonderful to see your mom so busy with handwork...such a joy!!

marly said...

Nice to see your mom - enjoy the holiday weekend. Never had the furnace running around Memorial Day!

annie said...

So great she still enjoys her crafting!

Saundra said...

If you and your mom like drab and muted you will LOVE my Woolley Fox project.

For some reason I didn't get your comment in my e-mail and didn't see it until I looked at the comments at the bottom of my post. Guess my mail server is acting up (uh, NOT acting) again.

Thanks for commenting and like how you interact with your mom.