Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

my father loved cats
he had many stories of the cats
he had growing up
stories of the neighborhood cats
he loved their independence
their intelligence
their companionship
just one of the many wonderful things about my Dad
oh lucky me
to have a wonderful man as my father
Mom and I smile
when we speak of Dad and their last cat
he was Dad's great buddy
once in a while now
she will say
"I'm going to tell your father we should get a cat"


The Eveningstitcher said...

Don't you think there is something special about a man that loves cats? I husband loves cats....and he is a wonderful man as I'm sure your father was too, Kelley. Dave always tells tales about his cat Frisky he had when he was a little boy. He feeds the feral cats that hang around the neighborhood....mostly in our backyard. But, he has taken them to the PAWS clinic and has had each one of them neutered or spade(?) now they just kind of lay around...but they are great at keeping the mouse population down!

jan said...

I love the picture you have chosen for Father's day Kelley. So precious.