Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Buddies

it's all about me talking to Melrose
I get the combination glare of disdain and disappointment
why I am not over there petting her
has only one thing on his mind...
he's absolutely starving
I must feed him now
Today I am cutting out some red, white and blue
star patches
Mom and I are sending them to a blogger
who is making Wounded Warrior quilts
she's excited about helping!


Angela Tucker said...

What beautiful kitties! I totally get the starving bit. I've got a rottie that's all about "cupboard love". He loves anyone with a snack in their hand. LOL

Jacque. said...

Always busy with your's great that you are able to have such great projects going. xo

Miccosukee said...


Have no idea as to how quilts are designed. Can't figure out which color and pattern goes on it. Happy that you know. Need to stick to rug hooking.