Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yard Work

 images from Pinterest

yesterday afternoon it was 80*
and breezy...
a great day to work in the yard

as always, I dream of flowers and prim displays

right now only a few flowers in the blooming

picture this
without the flowers
without the bike

you're in the jungle baby
there are 22 trees in the backyard...
a small barn
and lots of poison ivy
I made good progress around the barn yesterday
around few rounds
then put down cardboard and newspaper
cover with mulch...
that will take care of the invasive plants like
(which I hate...long story)
by next year I can plant again
or maybe I can sneak a few in this fall
and more lavender


The Eveningstitcher said...

I've been a slave to our yard since the middle of May...I can honestly say I'm ready for a condo! Pull weeds all day...the next morning..the next morning...surprise...there they are popping their little heads back thru the soil..UGH!! I think I'll put down the newspaper next year in hopes that it will work! Your yard will be beautiful...

marly said...

Twenty two trees? Lucky girl.

annie said...