Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Dreamy Whites


today much time
and energy has been devoted to moving furniture
mentally checking off all the pieces
that can be painted
or I can slipcover in white


good thing
I can look at what is
and see what will be
otherwise this house would drive me mad
it's going to take a lot of paint
to reach my hearts desire in here


marly said...

Our friends have a completely white room - carpet, walls, furniture, lamps. We aren't allowed in it!

WoolenSails said...

I like the white look, but can you imagine white couches in my house, no way, haha.
I did get a white side table to go in my beach room.


Saundra said...

Dear sweet woman.. my heart goes out to you for your love and devotion to your mother, the strength to endure this long process, and heartache you must feel when she doesn't know you or who she is.

Jacque. said...

White...such a peaceful and restful color. And, what's fun with it is that you can completely change the look by adding color! Have fun reaching your heart's desire!! xo