Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quilt Progress

Mom was excited to check out the blocks
I've stitched so far
we had to leave lunch to lay them out

she just loves it
has plenty of directions on
how many more blocks I need to stitch
20 done, about 40 to go
what to do along the border...

please excuse her messy room
I've been slacking
there are still snowmen things up!

she's changed her mind of the greens
half a dozen times...
like me, she prefers the more olive to the traditional green

the paisley does not thrill her one bit
I promised no more!


WoolenSails said...

I like olives too and some of the old fabrics you gave me are not made anymore, no idea why they can't making certain dyes for fabrics, especially when they work so well with other colors. I usually hide the stand out blocks on the edge, bottom or tops and that gives it a pop without standing out in the middle.


marly said...

I prefer olives too. I see a lot of prints that I would love to have in that quilt. And all together they are great. Compared to some of the facilities I've visited, your mom's looks very nice.

annie said...

I love this!

Jacque. said...

Those colors are giving off such an inviting vibe! It's so nice that your Mom has something to occupy her time are very good at that with her. xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

How wonderful that mom can still enjoy laying out quilt blocks.
Happy 4th to you and mom!!!

Angela Tucker said...

I like it!!! I am more attracted to the muted colors and love the pop of blues. Happy Fourth of July!

paulette said...

Mom's got a good eye! Love her setting!!