Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scissor Fobs

all images from Pinterest
If I were to pick up another craft
it would be making fobs
love the small bits of color
or sparkle
this one would be perfect
for my friend Debbie
I am not going to take up anything new
but if ever the mind changes...
Nuclear Medicine Stress Test:
 results are normal
my heart is good
so exercise it is
now to buy some clothes to wear
scrubs won't work
my wardrobe is beyond useless
even mom nags me about buying some clothes
besides scrubs
promised I would for my birthday
first I'd like to drop at least one size!


WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful fob, and something I doubt I could make, not good with small pieces and I drop things too much, lol. I solve the clothes problem by buy large, that way they always fit;)


Kim said...

Yay! So happy your tests were good. We had a storm last night so I got my exercise this morning shovelling! Not fun but on the plus side, lots of steps counted on my Fitbit. Lol

cucki said...

Wow I love your scissor fob so much..they super cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Darlene Szabo said...

Oh boy, another ideal!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear the heart is good :) {{But we knew that}}
Love those little fobs. One of these days I will teach myself how to make them. In my spare!
Hugs :)

Angela Tucker said...

Excellent test results. Yay! I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CRAFT. Really. LOL No more temptations, please. LOL

annie said...

I love those fobs, I would think thrift store beads would work great for these, but I really love lamp work beads! They would work great on these.

So happy to hear the stress test came out clear, yay! I remember You were exercising before, which I so admire, so you can do more!

I am the one who really really needs to do more!

Hope you find something really pretty to wear, that you just love. And that your Mom loves too.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

The path back here led through etsy and the simple quiet(Rebecca L.)

So glad the test had good results. :) stay warm and as safe as you can... Look for an email sweet pal! Jonut