Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snowed In

this photo from Pinterest has me dreaming
of interior whites...
unlike my driveway full of 8" of snow
well, a little more than half the drive
I had to take an emergency day from work today
my car was totally snowed in
I managed to clear almost 1/2 of the drive
very slowly
over the course of 8 hours...
it's a very heavy snow
supposedly my drive will be plowed tomorrow
I am low on the priority list
by being a "plow only" customer
if I had them for lawn care I'd be much higher on the list
ah well...
it was the perfect day for stitching
(since my hooking project is kaput)
Happy Winter!


Deirdre said...

Kaput?? What happened?

cucki said...

Big hugs x

my3Kitties said...

Nothing better than a snow day,(but then you did shovel, so not so much fun)! Snowed in Wisconsin too, had about an inch of heavy stuff to clean off the driveway, my body hurts this morning...sad when you're too pooped to lift up a needle!
Hope today is a less snowfilled day for you! And me too!

WoolenSails said...

If Bill isn't home to use the blower, I stayed snowed in, lol.
I figure if it is that bad, I don't want to drive anyways.
I don't think that is fair, if you pay to plow, then they should plow.


marly said...

Ours was higher than the ruler by several inches, my friend in Jamestown only got 6 inches. My sister's plow man called AAA twice after he got stuck yesterday. She's still waiting.