Friday, March 4, 2016


Mom can't stitch anymore
but she sure likes to use the seam ripper
to take apart some log cabin blocks

the magic of handling fabric
works again


WoolenSails said...

Just feeling useful and busy is what makes her happy. The lady I cared for, love to seam rip too and she could do simple mending, so we always gave her projects to fix.


audrey said...

How wonderful that fabric is still doing it's best work with your mom.:)

Darlene said...

This is so important! I would be lost without being able to use my hands... Or loss of eye sight!

cucki said...

Please give her my love x

Jacque. said...

You are the best daughter! Me Mum is moving out here before summer and I am super excited!!! Gonna find lots for her to do that will help her keep busy as she isn't able to do much of the crafty things she used to do. You inspire me!! xo

marly said...

She probably does a better job than I do. That darn point seems to rip fabric more than the curved part rips thread. Nice to see her working on fabric.