Saturday, March 12, 2016

Oh Mom

yesterday Mom did not want her lunch
or anything else offered
there is a cart in the kitchen full of healthy snacks
the bags of popcorn are new
Mom happens to love this popcorn
and is thrilled to get the small bag that fits in her purse
of course, two minutes later
it's out of her purse
she and Ann shared the contents...
she was fine when I left
waiting for Stations of the Cross
then game time
apparently after that
she went into the kitchen on her unit
found a pair of scissors in the drawer
(a huge no-no for staff to have them there)
and proceeded to cut her seatbelt off
she thought she'd
get out of the chair and walk home
sigh, so happy she didn't fall out of her chair

today I gave her a pair of 3x cheaters
says she can see clearly through them
is not thrilled with how small they are
she wore them a little for taking blocks apart
then a little for bingo
we decided her eyes will need time to adjust
we have fun there win or lose
she and Ann each won three games
those quarters add up...
she's won $8.25 this year
saying soon she'll have enough to buy a yard of fabric
she was fine when I left after bingo
sitting and talking to her friends
just wondering what she'll get up to tonight...
only a few more days of antibiotics
Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts
on the Bad Days post
it's such a heartbreak when she has pain
when she feels like she's done something wrong
 is locked up for it
no one should have to feel that way
especially not a sweetie like my Mom


Jacqueline said...

Thank goodness there wasn't anyone hurt in the scissors incident. You hang in there.

Kim said...

Thankfully she didn't fall. How is it they always find the one thing we don't want them to find?

marly said...

Glad she wasn't injured, and glad the staff is now aware to be more careful.

Angela Tucker said...

Thank goodness that she wasn't injured. Heaven knows that if you don't want them to find something, they go right to it.

I feel the same way about my dad. Whatever could he have done to deserve the life he has now? I just take a deep breath and keep my chin up. I hope that things go better for your mom tomorrow.

WoolenSails said...

That made me smile, I can just imagine her doing that.
Glad she is ok though and praying that the meds work and she doesn't get sick again.


Saundra said...

Whew, lucky she didn't fall is right. At least you know she's feeling better because she's back to her feisty self.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a stinker! Thankfully she did not fall.
When my mom had knee surgery in her early 80's they doped her up with morphine. The day she had her surgery, they found her up walking around. From that point forward, she was never left alone.
Hugs to you and mom.