Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This,That and My Mother

image from Pinterest

this is totally calling my name
under the photo it said Thanks Yankee Peddler Rug Hooking

I can see myself hooking a few of these for myself
with cats in the middle
what else

there are so many worms in my stash

I'm on to the second chair pad for Debbie
should I share or keep them a secret?

this one has blue, red and gold
with a black background
very scrappy 
Pinterest image

I love everything thing about this sampler
makes me almost believe my eyes
can handle the stitching on linen  

as for my Mother...
why yes, I do need a big hug
 she does too

her meds are still not right
she's been agitated, angry and depressed since
coming back from the hospital
she would love to go back in a minutes
(guessing because one of us was with her all the time)

it seems that finally, this afternoon her meds are back on track
something with the govt
sticking their nose in about Xanax use
honestly, regulate it for me
for most everyone
but when you're 92 years old
it shouldn't matter if you take 0.25 or 0.5 4 times a day
if it keeps you from shaking
trying to break a window with a vase
kicking the door
and so it goes...

I just hate to see her suffering
she has never been overmedicated
she has always had anxiety, just like me
mostly it was controlled through lots of physical activity
since she has been wheelchair bound
it's been slowly increasing

a cyber hug and a prayer would be most welcome...



Jacqueline said...

Hugs and prayers for you and your Mom.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Big hugs and prayers for you and your mom, Kelley....It's rough seeing her go through this. I hope they can get it straightened out.

I love the sampler and the chair pad...I think you should share the chair pads with us...I know we would all love to see them! Take care, my're such a good person....

WoolenSails said...

You can show them, I won't look, haha.
Prayers always for you and your mom, it is so hard to regulate and I can relate with sitting and getting anxiety. With the lyme treatment I get antsy and nervy and irritable and i have to get up and do things, but not able to just sit and relax so hope it levels out soon.


Rugs and Pugs said...

So sorry about the troubles and worries with mom. It is so hard to see them suffer.
Share the chair pads. Debbie won't look :)

Orange Sink said...

Oh dear Kelley and your sweet Mom! You have prayers and all the cyber hugs coming from me here in this neck of the woods! Wish the gov would keep their noses out of things.... sigh...and help where we need it...same for insurance companies.
Hope things settle down for you... glad your hooking and can't wait to see those chair pads!
Stay strong... and take it 1/2 day at a time!
Cathy G

my3Kitties said...

Love to hear your still hookin! OH please share pictures!! Loved seeing the house one you found on pinetrest, you find such wonderful things on there (me, not so much!). Hugs to you & your Mom, hoping things get better --

Kim said...

Hugs to you both. I remember some genius at the hospital decided to take Mom off her seizure medication when she was in palliative care. I threw a tantrum of epic proportion when I realized she hadn't been receiving them for a few days. Just because Mom was dying they felt it was OK to let her endure a major seizure. Good for you for staying on top of them. Our Mom's need an advocate at times when they are unable to be their own.

Saundra said...

Consider this a huge cyber hug. That was a great chair pad and of course you'd have to put a cat in it. Even your snowmen are holding cats. As for the chair pads for Debbie... of course you should share them with us.

acorn hollow said...

big {{{{{hug}}}} to you both. I love the sampler but I know my eyes would not let me do it.


She Seeketh Wool said...

hugs and prayers always for you both. Yes share the chair pads. I know your work is amazing. I still stitch but it's not easy. I actually take off my glasses and do it with it up to my nose, or I put on a pair of cheaters right below my actual glasses. It makes things huge. If there is a will, there is a way!

Cindy xoxox

Angela Tucker said...

Hang in there, Kelley. I am so sad for you and your mom. I have the same problem with people and their "help". My dad can only eat blended meals. Someone told me that I should make fresh soup for my dad, canned has too much sodium. Well, since Dad has been on Hospice for 3 years, sodium is the least of our worries. Sigh... All you can do is stand up for your mom and keep fighting for her health.

Jacque. said...

You got it, Kelley Girl. Big hugs and prayers for you and your Mom. xo

Miccosukee said...

Please know that you are getting a huge cyber hug from down South. It is so good to see you hooking again. Love your color choices.

Boy, do I understand your frustration. We are dealing with the second continuing care facility for both parents and it's so hard being close to 300 miles away. We talked every day to Mom and I have trouble understanding what some of the aides do. Once we get the insurance straightened out, both of them should be up here where there are three of us girls to help out. Keep standing up to them. You are the only one who can.

marly said...

That ticks me of. I can't tell you how many teenage mothers we had in our office on Xanax ALL the time. Years! Taking care of babies! My SIL was on it for years. No problems. Ridiculous.