Monday, August 22, 2016

Two Little Cats

such a fun little rug
about 11 x 21
there might be a little tweaking before the binding
very little
I'm pretty happy with it

now to decide
do I keep or sell?

see those worms on the right...
that's all that is left of the background
yes, I do have more that I could have stripped
part of the fun is using up my worms


another chair pad is next on the frame
they are drawn up and ready to go...


Saundra said...

Wonderful colors, great design and all loops like they have been steamed already. If you love it, and fall is coming, then keep it to display in your home. If you need or want the money put it up for sale as it is definitely a winner.

my3Kitties said...

I love it! And better yet, using up already cut worms!! Love the colors in the background, not something I would have picked but I really may have to reconsider...Happy Hooking!

moosecraft said...

Hooking is the best therapy... re-centers the spirit! :-) Love this rug, Kelley... I'm sure there is a long line of folks waiting for a chance to own it! :-)