Saturday, November 19, 2016

Less Again

other than the pink

another perfect tree

the pine cones
the bells...

it's not like I'm going to decorate this year
just more fun dreaming


this cold, sinus infection, whatever
will just not let go!

I'll visit mom, stay for bingo
then come home to sleep
so much to do around the house but no energy
the cats are no help
they encourage napping

~ Wishing you a happy weekend ~


Darlene said...

Beautiful trees! I like how the ornaments are displayed too. Some people have such a knack for decorating.
Take care and get lots of rest. Doctors orders!

Anne L said...

I clicked on over from Polkadot chicken and when I saw your header I cracked up! The face on that kitty! Hope you feel better.

WoolenSails said...

I like simple, but also fun, so I have different trees and with the kids, like to brighten things up so they have fun seeing it all. Love antique candy canes and i made a bunch, and Moki stole them all, still finding them when I clean out areas, lol.

Hope you feel better soon.