Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Borders and Mom

more border ideas

just add a flag instead of the words...

 I see a theme with all these borders
very scrappy

love how the hearts fade into the background

if you're really stuck for a border
feel free to copy this one
on my patriotic crow rug


haven't started hooking yet
still getting my wool in order
from the last rug

in case you don't know
I cut my wool into strips all the time
to give Mom something to do with her hands
I mix them up
so she can separate into bundles by color 

she has been having some very bad days
getting a good balance of anti anxiety meds is hard
I think she is too medicated
Hospice says give it some time...

so I am taking Family Medical Leave Act days
off work to spend lunch through bed time with her
yesterday she kept trying to get out of bed
after a short nap

it took over an hour for the aides to come help her
she would have been on the floor
if I wasn't there

she needs two aides to help her up
one was on break
next time I'll call the main desk
and ask for the nursing supervisor
I couldn't leave the room for a second


please share your rugs pics in
The Out of Hand Hookers
group page on Facebook
progress big or small 

there are no size requirements
there is no deadline
this is just for fun



WoolenSails said...

Great examples and I was browsing rugs and found some new ideas to try with punch.
Now if my arm would stop hurting so i could use it more, can only work so long before it goes numb.
It is a shame that they are not giving your mom the care she needs, and I hope you can get some help to stabilize her medicines.


basketnut said...

I have been searching Pinterest having lots of fun looking & getting ideas, but I am almost thinking allot of them are "too" busy for I am still looking. I love those Hit or Miss rugs you posted for examples, how sweet! So very sorry to hear about your Mom. Hang in there...
Hugs, Tammy

Saundra said...

My heart goes out to you and your mom. Am looking forward to seeing your creative genius at work.

Jacque. said...

Kelley are such a wonderful daughter to your Mom. I am so happy to have me Mum here and I am always happy to spend time with her. xo

acorn hollow said...

I love the rug with the wide hit or miss border.
You are a good daughter your mom might not know it but she is very blessed to have you.
Keeping you in my thoughts

elaine allerton said...

Thanks for al, the ideas for rugs,,, they are great!!
Sorry about ur mom, sook hard ! Thinking if you,,

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am glad you are able to use FMLA to spend time with your mom.

annie said...

Bless your hearts!