Sunday, March 12, 2017

Changing Rugs Again

my current project has been set aside
just not feeling it...
so now I'm on the lookout something to hook

I like these colors...

I keep coming back to this rug
it might finally be time...


Mom's meds seem to be working pretty good
but her desire to go home and visit her mother
pretty much overrides everything

we've had a few good days in a row
reality says
about time for the roller coaster to change course


my NC sister and her husband
are visiting much earlier than planned 
only 2-3 weeks and they'll be here!

a treat for all of us



Kim said...

They would all be good choices. I just love your funny changing header pics. They always make me smile.

Saundra said...

I hope your sister will fill in time for you with our mother and give you a break. But keep her husband busy with things at the house and yard for sure. Totally understand about changing hooking projects and I like all three and they are all condusive to our wool worms.

Been thinking about your comment of army blanket. In the beginning of my hooking had one and used it to hook a small project. Then got rid of the rest of the rug think it was 'uncooth' in the hooking world to use it. I'll be on the hunt for an olive drab army blanket.

WoolenSails said...

Those are nice for inspiration and I do like the last one too, would be fun to use scraps on.
It is hard when she goes to the past, all you can do is try and change the subject.
Always thinking of you and hoping things get easier so you can enjoy your time together and be less stressed.


basketnut said...

I like that last rug it the colors? I'm anxious to hook myself, but keeping myself overly busy with quilting. Glad to hear things are a bit calmer with your Mom, reading about your journey with your Mom reminds me about my Dad...

annie said...

I enjoy your cat photos too.
I know I saved the ones about the cats adrift on the sea of linoleum for a few years.
My old computer pretty much killed it, and others too.
But still I laugh over that!
I love those rugs.
And anything with red gets me.
So thankful your sis is coming.

Unknown said...

Love, love, love that center rug with the big red flower. You find the bestest rugs. LOL

I'm glad that your mom is doing better. And you're right, it always seems that we are waiting for the next storm. Sigh.