Sunday, March 26, 2017

Off the Frame

off the frame this morning
next to block, steam and bind

made a small dent in the worms
great to use up the ones that have been passed by
for so long

it was a bad day
made a little better 
by a new afghan from a coworker 

her mom loves to crochet 
she has a dozens and dozens made
we've been gifted with 7 of them this year
2 mom kept
the rest for other residents and a patient at work


here we have my next door neightbors garage
only 6" along the side is hers
the rest is my property...
this year I'm putting in a bird/butterfly garden 
to stop the spread of her clutter

given time
I'd like to turn my entire backyard
into a flower garden amongst the trees



Rugs and Pugs said...

You have such a wonderful way with color! Looking forward to seeing the whole rug.
Wishing mom a better day today!

annie said...

Loved the pretty afghan!
Don't blame you for getting your end back, that is an eyesore to a pretty yard.
Butterflies love buttery fly bushes, coneflowers, bee balm, and lots of others of course.
It will be beautiful.
Hope to see it.

Saundra said...

Good for you to take you space back. Have you considered calling the city to complain? But then that causes neighborly discorse and know you don't need more stress.

LOVE your cat and heart mat. But then I always loved your creations when you posted them on the ...uh, can't remember what that hooking site was called which was disbanded. But loved your rugs you posted.

Carolyn said...

First, let me say...I have one of those neighbors and it's not fun. She is getting better with my encouragement and that of the City Code Officer who I quietly ask for help. I love your latest rug hooking project! The colors are awesome. Yes, those silly worms multiply faster than rabbits! Give your Mom a Texas hug for me.

WoolenSails said...

Seeing all the hooking lately, makes me want to make a few and maybe time to finish some old ones.
Beautiful afghan and a nice comfort quilt for your mom.
I think a nice hedge would be good, lol. We have a large fence on one side for privacy and trees on the other.


imsteelefullofscrap said...

Can't wait to see your rug finished! Don't blame u with your neighbors! U could have ours that doesn't mow how she doesn't get a fine is beyond me! I just pray that a snake doesn't slither over to my house

acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful gift to your mom. LOve the colors in your rug

The Eveningstitcher said...

I love the sweet afghan for your mom! She looks very content holding it! I have the same damn thing with the lazy a** neighbor. I actually take care of the part of his garage that runs right into our yard. I planted a flower garden at least he doesn't throw trash in that area. People are slobs!!!