Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday This and That

home early from work...
so glad it was my turn
haven't been feeling well since work on Sunday night
when I pulled a groin muscle
made a hernia that already needed surgery worse 
the patient we were moving wasn't all that large
I've been waiting for surgery
to have enough sick and vacation time
to cover the 6 weeks I'll need

might not happen now


so tonight I'm taking a little hooking break
to get my worms baskets back in order
when I hook I tend to make quite the mess

I've been studying Magdelina rugs this week
my current rug is leaning towards her style
hoping the next one will be even more so


as for Mom
she has good moments
some strung together for short periods of time
she frets about going home to see her Mom
in case she means she ready to go
I always tell her I don't blame her
she can go see Grandma without me and I'll catch up

sometimes it includes yelling
she says she just has to yell

can only imagine the frustration she is feeling
I scream in my car sometimes
I told her we can bundle her up
then go outside so she can scream

today she said no
but maybe tomorrow...

tonight at work I had a patient a bit younger than Mom
she was there for hours
finally the ER staff was cleared to give her dinner

we had to return for another x ray in her room
she asked about dessert
all we had in the fridge was jello and vanilla pudding
not good for a chocolate loving girl

after getting permission
I ran to the vending machine
to get her some chocolate
she was so happy! 

and that my friends is what life is all about


WoolenSails said...

Not fun having to deal with that and not being able to take care of it, I hope you can get the time to take care of yourself. I think we all need a good scream sometimes;)


acorn hollow said...

I do hope you are able to take care of your self. As a care taker something has to give and it shouldn't be your health.

Jacqueline said...

ouch... only you can take care of you so it should move up on your to do list, hmmmm...

Saundra said...

You're a wonderful daughter and a good caregiver to patients. Hey, when we women want chocolate WE WANT CHOCOLATE, lol. You were very kind, made her day and bet it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

basketnut said...

Breaks are good, just make sure to take care of yourself too, nothing worse than not feeling good yourself.

Rugs and Pugs said...

How kind to get the patient chocolate!!!
I hope you can find the time to take care of yourself.
Hugs :)

Snobrd said...

Having taken care of my Mom and my aunt with dementia, I can's just for a season. And there are such sweet moments that you will carry with you long after you forget the fatigue and frustration. Hang in there, you are a strong woman!