Monday, May 15, 2017

Shaker Boxes

 my family has been in love with 
Shaker Boxes for as long as I can remember
my mother collected
my sister and her husband collect
I collect

most of mine are a wood stain finish
maybe 8 or so are painted stash is a few dozen or so
I've even given a few away
to said sister and husband

it's wonderful to see them being used with needlework
all the above images are LeHay's
my BIL has always planned on making Shaker Boxes
he's finishing up a cedar lined closet now
fingers crossed...

vintage boxes found on Pinterest

so it's Day 4 of my low carb-no sugar eating
feeling better
but know there is far more to my eating 
than just lack of willpower

it's called Binge Eating Disorder

I am working on
 finding professional help locally
time to kick this once and for all!



cucki said...

I love the boxes too
They so pretty
Big hugs and love x

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Love, love, love the boxes and thank you for sharing the eating disorder information. Its got me thinking....

Hurray for day 4!!! :)

Saundra said...

Love your attitude. You are looking up and forward and beginning to live again.

acorn hollow said...

Love the boxes so pretty.
Good luck never easy when it has to do with eating.

Angela Tucker said...

Oh, Kelley, you made me look!! Those boxes are amazing. Thank goodness LeHay's is out of stock. I love that berry basket and think it should come live at my house! LOL

I definitely have an issue of eating when I am depressed and/or stressed. That has been my life for the last six years. I know better, I tell myself that I know better, then just pop that ice cream out of the freezer and get a bowl. Sigh. I've never been thin, but at my age, it's getting harder and harder to hold steady.

WoolenSails said...

I love the colors and stains on their boxes.
I tend to over eat at times and I pay for it, my stomach blows up like a balloon and it makes me feel horrid and I swear I won't eat so much again, and then I forget;)


marly said...

I have piggy disorder. No reason other than I like it, I want it, I will keep eating it. Hope your new plan works well for you.

annie said...

I loved those boxes, I have never seen colors like that before.

You and me too!