Saturday, June 10, 2017

Strawberry Love

 all photos from Pinterest
you think I'd be tired of strawberries
I've eaten so many this week...

 haven't stitched any in ages
that's about to change
Olivia loves to carry them around and bunny kick them
so first up
wool strawberries for cats

do you have a favorite strawberry shape?

 did you notice the one
with pennies...

not a strawberry
but isn't it a sweet old pincushion...


time passes...missing mom doesn't

I'm mostly still puttering around
filling boxes and bags for various charity donations

packing up the Fidget Mat unfinished pieces
all the supplies...
my coworker Misty and her church
The Salvation Army
do a lot of elder outreach their area
she assures me the children and women
will just love to get their hands on these goods

they regularly make little treasures
for the children to deliver to residents at local nursing homes
making everyone's day!

much better than sitting in my sewing room

Misty is one of my favorite coworkers...
favorite people
sometimes you get lucky
meeting a special soul

Happy Saturday
ugh, work...




marly said...

What a great idea. It is really difficult around here to get organizations to accept donations. Tried children preschool programs too. I used to give knick knacks, costume jewelry, lotions for Bingo game prizes at nursing homes, or craft items for their classes. No more. I have NWT bras and AWARE won't even return my call for drop off info. Now I just drop off at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Haven't had a good strawberry this year yet.

Saundra said...

Finally after looking at the picture again I DID see the one with pennies. Happy Saturday to you as well.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
LOVE your kitty header!! So adorable!! I think no matter how much time passes, we always miss our mom!! xo
Such a wonderful idea about sharing those supplies!!! They will certainly be loved, appreciated, and put to good use!!
LOVE all the strawberry photos, love making them, and LOVE eating them, and yes I did see the one with the pennies!!! LOVE!!!
I actually had some for breakfast today and they were really sweet!!
So happy you have found such a special friend!!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!
Heart Hugs~

NMK said...

Love all your strawberry pictures ..... my son's first job at age 14 was picking strawberries. Some days he would come home covered in them as the boys threw the rotten ones at each other ! Boys !!!I could never get the stains out of his shirts back then !!! He never even eats them , he doesn't like them !!! LOL !!!

WoolenSails said...

I love the different old strawberries, would be fun to have a collection like that.
We never stop missing them, and you have spent so much time with your mom the past years, that I am sure you feel lost at this point. I think donating your supplies to the kids who are helping others is a wonderful idea, I really need to clean out my old craft supplies, I will never use them.


Higglersnotch said...

My Mom has been gone for 2 years now and here and there I think of something and the memories flood in.
I see the pennies on the strawberries! They are all beautiful. The old brown pin cushion is the best!
I'm sure the kids will love your donation of goodies and make some neat things to give.