Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy Saturday

it's a super happy Saturday here
yesterday the lawn guys came for the heavy duty work
major trimming
a few small trees down
weeding and so on

more to do...the easy stuff
stuff I can do in the mornings before work
or next week when I'm off
for 7 entire days starting Monday

on my list
of maybe to do or not:

dye wool
dye wool
bundle up a bunch of my homespuns to sell
dye wool
scrape and paint a few outside areas
dye wool
rearrange sewing room
dye wool

you get the picture
if I get really ambitious I might
paint one wall in the sewing room
that's being realistic
there's no way I'm doing more than one wall

Hope you have a great weekend!


marly said...

Enjoy your well deserved week off. And if by chance, for some unknown reason, a fleeting thought of maybe dyeing some wool creeps in, dye some wool.

Saundra said...

Today I trimmed several runaway angry and undesireable bushes, trimmed tree limbs, pulled some weeds, etc... But it was SO damn hot and humid that even that was done in hour long segments, change of clothes. I'm done for the day and still didn't get the grass cut.

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a plan and will be nice to have some time for yourself and reorganizing.
Are they the older homespuns? I love a lot of the ones you gave me and ran out of some, so need to see what you have left.


Cleo said...

Sounds like a busy week "off". Enjoy it nonetheless. My mom and dad are leaving me alone to go camping for the week. Happy Sunday, y'all!!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kelley,
You are definitely a gal on a mission!!! Hope your plans come together and am happy to see you are adding some fun things to your "to do" Dyeing Wool!!!
Enjoy your time off!!!
Heart Hugs~