Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hooking Best Friends

these close up shots show how 
my loops aren't perfection..more prim

a little progress
after some reverse hooking
the petals go all around the sunflower
I tend to draw them as I go

my girl in her house
she feels protected from Melrose in there
with two escape routes
I am in her direct line of vision while I hook
two rooms away

full belly nap time
he's on the couch in front of me
after demanding some brushing
if only he'd really conk out so I could get to that belly!

Happy Saturday
I'm off to work soon


Saundra said...

Like your progress so far...steaming will make everything even. Besides, we do like it to look prim and naive, right?

Okay, so if he really did conk out and you started brushing the belly, wouldn't he wake up immediately?

marly said...

I love that cat house! Searching online .... now!

Angela Tucker said...

I am loving that sunflower. And I think the more prim, the better. LOL

My cat has a house...he prefers hiding out on the kitchen table. Ewww...I don't really like cats on tables, but his training is not going well. I will probably be trained to accept it before he is trained to stop. LOL

Have a good Sunday.