Monday, August 7, 2017

Hooking Progress...Tomorrow

I watch movies/shows on my laptop
that way I can go from room to room getting things done

except BBC and other "across the pond shows"
these I must actually watch
no hooking, stitching, fussing with sewing supplies

Vera is set in Northumberland
breathtaking scenery
like Poldark and Outlander

good thing I got some hooking in this morning


WoolenSails said...

I usually watch tv at night or during the day when I am beat, then I sit and stitch while I watch. Half the time I miss what is going on, so i just tape my shows and watch when i want and rewind if i miss something;)


Jacqueline said...

Love that show

Saundra said...

Well guess that means there's yet another show I'll have to binge watch and record. Thanks for the heads up on yet another good BBC show.

jan said...

I love Poldark and Outlander. I'll have to check this movie Vera out. I didn't know about it. I love all BBC and PBS.