Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Oldies Plus

from 10 years ago
one of those amazing rugs that turned out perfect
it is, of course, living in NC with my sister

great inspiration for color

colors are horrid in the photo
another oldie

Vincent van Gogh
the mater of sunflowers...

combined a few of the designs in my new booklet
cat and pumpkins inside a huge sunflower... 
I want to hook and not go to work today
maybe I can get a little done 

Happy Thursday! 

If you ever want a pattern of mine drawn up
Saundra of 
 Woodland Junction
is the lady to contact
I asked her yesterday and was delighted
when she said yes

I don't care to draw up patterns for sale
lucky us, Saundra does
she uses Dorr primitive linen as the backing


Saundra said...

That looks like something I'll want to hook. Definitely something with a sunflower! I don't have any rugs with a sunflower in it.

And thank you for contacting me about drawing your patterns. I will definitely do whatever todo your designs justice.

Jacqueline said...

Glad to read the arrangement between you and Saundra.

WoolenSails said...

Your new/old booklet is wonderful and I will definitely be enjoying making things with it, getting time for fall too, time sure flies.


basketnut said...

I hate drawing up patterns myself, good to know for a backup plan...I am anxiously waiting for your booklet to arrive, can't wait! And I know I have some of your old designs, somewhere - I am thinking I should probably take some time & go on a treasure hunt in my totes!!!
Happy Hooking,