Thursday, August 31, 2017

This That and Cats

certain things just give my heart a jolt
while on my journey to owning less
I'd like what I own to be fabulous...

perfect place to store worms 

simple and perfect

 she usually sleeps and rests like a meatloaf
lately though...

quilt hog
those eyes are because I stopped brushing him

in Outlander fangirl world this is called  
Knee Porn 
 cracked me up when I first read those words
I x ray knees all the time
but never the knee of a man wearing a kilt

the show is back September 10!

 no hooking for a few days
working on cleaning up the garage
much to the dismay of the cats
they want to be out there alone



marly said...

Oh those cupboards.

WoolenSails said...

Yes, I love those pieces, imagine a room with pieces just like that.