Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Melrose and Bees

talk about pouting
before I approached to take his pic
his chin was on the floor
it took forever to get him to look at me...

all because I won't let him in the garage
(the door to it is about 2 feet past him)

reason 1
I recently waxed my car
he must have slid off the hood at some point
because he refuses to get off the car
even when he really wants to for snacks

it took me over 30 minutes the other day to get 
him off the car
(it's a Saturn Vue so no trunk) 

reason 2

right behind those white shoes
is the door to outside
just to the right are the bees

I didn't think they would get into the garage
but who knew what would happen when
the exterminator arrived

since then the exterminator has come and gone
a few bees in the kitchen
Olivia stood watching him out the window
while Melrose ran and hid

he's still hiding
 looks like forgiveness will 
take a little longer today 


WoolenSails said...

I hope the spray they used isn't getting in the house?
Hopefully things will have settled down by tomorrow.


CathieJ said...

Awww....poor kitty. I had bees in my house once and it is not fun.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Poor Melrose! We have been invaded by stink bugs again this fall and just hoping Clarice remembers how sick she got after catching one last year. I don't want to go thru foaming at the mouth and vet bills again.