Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hook A Long

the antique inspiration

the basic background
feel free to use the design vertically too...or make it round...
it's all up to you 

no rules
no deadlines
just some basic ideas to get you started...

enlarge, reduce...whatever
put a cat in the middle or the corners
add a hat, scarf, candy cane

use that imagination! 

I'm the first to admit
I can't draw birds
(or dogs, deer or so many other things...)

so feel free to find some free crow clip art
like this

please have fun and share on FB when you're done
You make it winter by the colors you choose...

you can hook, punch, applique
you can use the ideas for personal or profit
please as always
give credit
and no selling of designs in any way
other than finished items...


acorn hollow said...

I love the antique rug! the bunnies and the ducks are sweet

Saundra said...

Aren't YOU the clever one to tease us with the antique. I was sure that was your final destination and now know it wasn't. Oh my, what's a woman to do? I've a rug to bind, working on a Christmas gift for my grandson, have another rug started before rug camp in the wings, and going to another rug camp in November. Oh my, oh my.

Mary Ellen said...

Love your hooked rugs !

Judy Smith said...

Thanks for the inspiration to design my own rug. This has always been very intimidating for me.