Thursday, June 21, 2018

No Paint Yet

why no paint yet you ask?

well, I got home from work yesterday around 7am
after starting at 3 pm
now I know nurses who work doubles all the time

not me
I'm a straight 8 hour type
except when emergency surgeries come up
late in your shift...

so I ended up staying over 6 1/2 hours
not a problem when you are helping a pateint
but when you leave the building
your body crashes
as least mine did

this 58 year old doesn't recover like she used to
so glad yesterday was my day off
even if I spent 95% of it sleeping

more than ever surgeons and surgery personnel
have my utmost respect
I could never do that day in and day out 

so the paint will have to wait
until next weekend
maybe by then my feet and ankles will have recovered!


acorn hollow said...

that is a very long day.

elaine allerton said...

Yikes,,, kelley,,, dont know how u do it!
You are an amazing woman!