Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hired Man Quilt

image from Pinterest

many of my favorite antique quilts
are known as
hired hand or hired man quilts

they are usually very scrappy 
very utilitarian
probably most were worn out
before becoming antiques...
this one is circa 1890

Wishing everyone a wonderful
4th of July


Jacqueline said...

Hope you are enjoying the day.

Saundra said...

Cannot fathom the patience those ladies had back then to do all that hand stitching. BUT....they didn't have TV, internet and all the social events we do for pleasure. In the olden days they had to make do ~ worked the field and raised kids during the day and did handiwork by candlelight until bedtime.

What's funny is that my 13 year old grandson has never known what it was like to have no A/C, no TV and no cell phone. I remember all those years and am happier for knowing and experiencing it. UH, but still no patience for the tiny handiwork they did.

lynda said...

I have an d iron bed called a hired man's bed.. exactly what the quilts were made for!