Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dye Recipes ~ Making Do

my favorite outsider artist
image from Pinterest
Misty Lindsey

as you may know
I'm still living the
"buy no supplies 2019" life
it's been easy so far

today I pulled out some dye and recipes
that turned into a make-do session
as my dyes are plentiful...just not the colors I need

here are 3 make do recipes
don't try them yet!
I'll add photos when they are out of the dryer
probably tomorrow

all are over about 1/3 yard
oatmealish wool
for once I used less wool than called for
all dyes are Cushing

Blue Variation

1/2 tsp turquoise blue
1/4 royal blue
1/4 peacock
1/4 peach
1/8 medium brown


somehow I have many packages of this color
I think I bought a mixed lot off ebay years and years ago
this is probably the first time it's been used

1 tsp wood rose
1/4 American beauty


1/4 tsp apricot
1/2 orange
1/4 peach
edited: 1/16 seal brown

accidentally deleted the orangish photo was beyond day glo orange
it's back in the dye pot now
with the seal brown
will add photo tomorrow

image from Pinterest
my dyeing has been inspired by all the images
of Spring flowers 
found online
I may never hook with these colors
but it'll be interesting trying new colors


I'm not really all that enthused about cleaning the house
it's more to keep busy and not fall into a 
puddle of blackness

working so far!


NMK said...

The last photo of the flowers is beautiful …..can't wait to be outside in the warm sun ! Have fun dying your colors ! Hook something pretty ….the cleaning can wait !!!!

Saundra said...

Can't wait to see your dye results. What is the name of that outside artist? Inquiring minds want to know.

Jacqueline said...

The tub of plants is beautiful . Looking forward to seeing your wool.

acorn hollow said...

I can't wait to see your dye results. I am trying to not purchase this year either no wool or patterns but I did buy a new hook

WoolenSails said...

I have recipes and i never follow them, I end up adding a bit of this and that and see what happens.
I have learned to try and write down what I did though, sometimes I get a really nice color by accident.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Wanna share a puddle??? :-(

Judy Smith said...

Will be interested to see the results of your dyeing day. I use ProChem dyes but still like to see the colors others make.

Simply Quaint said...

Oh I can not wait to see the end results, they sound fun......I agree we all should challenge ourselves in a no spend and use up what we have, I’m trying hard as well to do the same...make work with what we have.........stay focused Kelley, no time to fall into that black hole, you have a lot of creativity in that soul of yours.......share it with us all......