Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Can't Stop Stitching

stitching finished on Walk the Old Paths

by The Pinkeep

a few changes to the name row

I added my Grandmother's first name

year of birth and an extra bird

by Folk Art Sampler
from 2006
I stitched many of these for sale and gifts in the long ago

came across the chart going through the last
container from the wool room
there were also half a dozen Stacy Nash booklets and charts

another from the 
Old Cats and Friends
by Pineberry Lane
just fun!!!

I have two recommendations for flosstube
after watching many videos from different stitchers
they aren't going to make you crazy to go buy things
I have learned much from both and enjoy their personalities

far and above is Kitten Stitcher
Theresa is a designer and has an online shop
start with her first flosstube and keep on going
her love of cats certainly helps too

Mountain Crafts Studio is presented
by Christine, she is a master of many things
her collection of antiques is a joy to see

A nice break from murder mysteries and CSI

Hope you're having a good week.
I got my car back from the shop today
so very glad I have a 0% credit card

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