Tuesday, April 23, 2019

More Happy Colors

a little washed out by the flash
love how this is hooking up
I NEED more of that old blue
used for the basket...

finishing up the beach room mat for Debbie

going to drag myself to work today
would rather be hooking
will be okay
when I get there...

Monday, April 22, 2019

American Flag and Flowers

starting a new rug today
Cammie has the sweetest patterns

this one will be a keeper

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Beach Room Rug

for some reason
this simple little mat for Debbie's beach room
has been a real struggle
think I finally found the right idea

all done but the pressing
it will be auctioned off online instead of raffled
if anyone is interested please let me know
Mango on a Mission
will start it on Friday

I will be sharing the pattern on this blog
sooner or later
did not keep the paper in my recent destash 
so need to redraw

Olivia rarely gets to sit in the front window
watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder

with Melrose sleeping in a different room
she took full advantage...

A visit to my family doctor yesterday
more good news...
down 32 pounds in 4 weeks...
decrease in my blood pressure medicine

Am going to switch to weighing much less often
concentrate on non scale victories
cleaning out clothes that are too big

Have a great Wednesday!
We have sun again in Ohio
until tomorrow...

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Happy Rug

hooking completed
time to press and bind
this rug is a happy one

pink is looking good to me this year
 this images and those following
are from Pinterest

fun maybe an idea for a new rug

my little garden will be in pots

ingredients ready
planning to try tomorrow

Have great weekend!
I work, this day 3 of 5 
wish me luck today and tomorrow
my weekend partner and I are like oil and water

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Blue Bird Progress

plenty of hooking time today
as I wait for my furnace to be repaired
a couple hours in and we're waiting for a part
will finish it tomorrow
since I leave for work in an hour

the cats are not used to being in jail
Olivia is pitching a fit
and has been for 2 hours...

behind bars

She just got out and is happy as can be
who knows if I'll see Melrose before work
he is the big scaredy cat

Have a great day
feels good to be hooking again
anxious to move on to Debbie's beachy rug

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


not as much hooking as I planned today
but the colors chosen are pleasing to my eye

spent most of the day with one Dr or another
endocrinologist visit was fantastic!

it was my PA's last day 
she was happier that me about my success
28 pounds since she last saw me
off insulin and one oral diabetes medicine

I'm guessing this doesn't happen often

then stopped at an urgent care for my eye
I've had a stye that will not go away
antibiotic ointment on my eyelid now
he said it only works half the time
so I got a referral to my eye Dr
will help me get in to see him sooner

Enough of that!

this image and the rest are from Pinterest
this reminds me of a Mariner's Compass quilt block

some ticking pillow cases will brighten up my house

now to pick the best color

The Painted Bridge

the plan was to make Keto focaccia 
or pancakes

instead it will be these gummies
not like the flavor of a red hot


I've had a couple of folks ask 
what I eat in Keto...
I'm probably not the best to ask since I hate to cook
I cook a pound of bacon in the oven
to keep on hand for breakfast/brunch
or a quick snack

things I eat:

scrambled eggs with cheese /use butter

hot dogs and sauerkraut

grilled delmonico steak with cajun butter

grilled chicken salad with cheese
I don't use dressing so salsa tops the salad
must measure the salsa to limit carbs

breaded chicken breasts
(using pork rind crumbs, parmesan and butter)

taco salad

Wendy's Jr bacon cheeseburgers
plain with no bun
(I get 2 for a meal)

1/4 cup of berries per day

the best place to do is look  for ideas is on YouTube
search for keto-what I eat in a day

More crafty and stitchy talk tomorrow...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Blue Bird Progress

a little progress this morning
it's about 15.5" across

off tomorrow so maybe a lot of hooking time!

Couldn't resist yesterday 
weighed myself at work
3 weeks down 26 pounds

it's a good start
a long way to go
 for the first time in my life I have no doubts
concerning success at weight loss

I feel so much better already!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Blue Bird Rug

started the hooking this morning
mostly stash strips
cutting as I need 

this boy
he loves to lean on quilts and hooked rugs
definitely a "do not disturb" face

image from Pinterest
circa 1880-1910

instantly fell for this antique rug
even if it has 4 hearts...
on my to hook list

Off to work soon
don't know if I can resist weighing myself
non scale successes have been great the past few days

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Blue Bird

different rug on the frame today
I wanted to have something for a fund raising raffle for
Mango On a Mission
she raises money for the rolling wheels
used by dogs who have walking problems

using an old design of mine
a little difference along the top edge...

I'll have it ready for next Sunday

sent this photo to my sisters earlier
my delicious lunch
measuring out that salsa
not even heaping the tablespoons...
that's how serious I am

made the taco meat instead of cookies last night
I still have plenty of fat bombs for the week

do not try this at home like me...
I am off my insulin
have been carefully checking my blood sugar
multiple times a day
in the excellent range without it!!!

if I hadn't done all the research 
ahead of time
I would sign up for the free trial month at
I still might when I have time
their YouTube videos are informative

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Cats and Creating

stitching has resumed on the two color quilt
not that many blocks left to stitch

with Olivia's help
it only takes twice as long to get things done

a few blocks sewn together
most just pinned up
still not sure of the size
for now I'll be packing it up
when all the blocks are stitched
I need some more color

showing off her claws
I've never been able to trim even one

ears of annoyance
after being shooed to her chair

started a beachy rug for Debbie St Germain
this wasn't working

 this is more like it

turning on the charm and purring up a storm

am going to try this recipe tonight

the buffalo chicken dip was so-so
had it for dinner and pitched the rest
nothing wrong with it
just not for me

celery is great dipped in salsa
but I do have to measure out the salsa
or the carbs will add up

I hope you're having a great weekend!