Friday, May 20, 2022

Happy Happy Mail

 A retirement gift from me to me

Lazy Cats
31 x 84

not any time soon though
will spend the time thinking about the colors

not on her website yet
just ask about different sizes

Rhonda has a large selection
of antique reproduction style rugs I'd love to hook
her patterns are beautifully drawn

The roofers started here today
but with rain on the way 
they will only get part of it done
when they come back Monday it will be cooler

Happy Weekend friends!


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Cats and Flag

March Hooking
 Sometimes I get a little obsessed with
a certain piece of wool or design element

This year it's the blue wool in the flag
cats continue to be my favorite hooking motif

I have some log cabins in mind
more flags
more flowers

Today another crow is on the frame
I must quit to work in the yard...

Hope you're enjoying your day
Doing what you love!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Little Crow

 Yesterday I pulled out a smallish piece of linen
stitched some cotton to the length and put it on the frame...
what to hook?

I cut for the background
everything else from the worm baskets

The previous rug did cut down the size of my worm stash
but in between I have hooked many rugs
adding plenty more strips
have also set aside some I think I'll never use
mostly purple

Today I started another similar to this on the same piece of linen
after that, there is a cat in the works

Thank you all for returning to my blog
after the long gap

Monday, May 9, 2022

Utility Rug

43 x 27

started this rug to use up strips from the worm baskets
colors I kept passing over
I did cut for the background

completed the hooking a few months ago
not sure when it will be finished

I don't particularly care for it
so if the cats damage it
my heart will not be breaking

and yes,
I know the x, y and z are missing

Have a wonderful day my wooly friends

Saturday, May 7, 2022

My Twist on Things

I purchased this paper pattern 
Feeding the Hens
from Winter Cottage Designs on etsy
intended to change the chickens to cats

When I decided to hook it
there was a larger backing piece ready for hooking
so I changed to fit
guess I got a bit carried away

Antique adaptation
another fun one to hook

Jack's Crow paper pattern from
Winter Cottage Designs on etsy
no real changes to design

my faceless pumpkin is on purpose
a story for another day
very washed out image
much better in person

 Most of my Miller pencil hook collection
since the photo was taken I've found two others
around the house
there are likely more

I've been collecting these since my first one
not for sale
especially the two on the right

the other items in the drawer are random

A Long Story

 there is a long story behind this rug
I'm not up to telling it today
but the most important thing is it got me hooking again!

Thank you Jacque

Friday, May 6, 2022

One of a Jan Patek Kind

 Jan's Baskets

adapted from an older Jan Patek book
this basket rug is definitely one of a kind

I cannot offer the pattern
as it was hooked using her designs for inspiration
That being said
I have been studying some
antique quilts and samplers
 something using those motifs is in the works

It's dark and dreary in my part of Ohio today

time to join the cats in a nap

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Giant Pink Flowers


My latest design

I'm stuck in a loop of black cats

flags and lollipop flowers

19 x 11.5

available on linen or paper

These two were great fun to hook!

Another of my new designs 

Cat in the Flowers

adapted from two antique rugs

With more free time 

I see a lot of hooking in my future

Peace Cats

 Hello Friends

This freebie is from back in February
So much has happened in the world since we last met here

In my little life I retired in March
Enjoying my time with the cats and my wool

Finally working on many more designs

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Cleaning the Sewing Room Distraction


sooner or later I'll get around to creating that etsy shop

in the meantime

I'll be happy to draw you up a pattern on linen

these are just a few of my older cat designs

new ones in the works....

Friday, January 29, 2021

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Why is my pattern on Freezer Paper?

in an effort to use what was on hand

I started using freezer paper for my paper patterns

it was the right size and easy to use

The other day something clicked

I use freezer paper for wool applique

Why not use it for rug hooking?

I drew the pattern on the shiny side

then pressed it to the backing

Now it was easy to place on my light box

(or would have been if I knew where it was)

or tape to a window

Turn so the backing faces you and trace

Super simple!

So get your backing ready

draw up your border lines...

I drew my design on the shiny side of freezer paper

a scant 1/4" smaller than the design

Place shiny side down on backing
press with dry iron

Ta Da!
you are now ready to draw your pattern on the backing

just flip it over onto your light source
the paper lifts off easy when you're done...

I hope this makes sense
I mostly draw my designs directly on the linen
because I design as I go

When purchasing paper patterns from others this 
is my go to now