Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Little Quilts

in the spirit of
"I'll do anything to avoid painting"
Olivia and I spent the past week or so basting little quilts
for hand quilting

these were 2 leftover blocks from a lap quilt
which has not been quilted yet...
I got crazy and machine stitched on the borders

this one was all ready
except the borders
they will be less than 1/2" when the binding goes on

this one had the borders hand stitched on
I wasn't trusting myself with the bias edge
and all those points

I hand pieced most of the blocks last year
lost interest in them until now...

Debbie St Germain stitched this little
Cheri sampler as a gift for me
and sent it as a little pillow
I thought it deserved to have some wall space
so added the patchwork borders
from some abandoned projects

can hardly believe how many red, white and blue
projects were in the works
they might be finished by this time next year

I've been working on gathering some wool to sell
the past few days
going through my stash 
has inspired me to do some more dyeing

Still no desire to hook
I'd rather paint and you know how I feel about that
ebb and flow of creativity
there is always something to keep me busy

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Pinterest Diversion

in case you couldn't tell by my
years of dithering about painting
it's not something I enjoy

mostly because I don't like to get my hands dirty
having to wear gloves so much at work
avoiding them is something I do at home

but once I get started I want to paint everything
so now the frame
around the kitchen window will be painted
white or green...

I am not very handy
to say the least
YouTube videos are a real help to me
this morning I did a small dry wall patch!

I know I have this pattern
or one very similar

maybe by Kay Cloud
seeing this pic makes me think maybe some of my 
cotton velvet might finally get used

have been working in the sewing room 
between priming and painting duties
feeling the need for some large blue and red berries

hoping this fall to get the catio built
I'd like enough room for a little table and a couple of chairs
as well as plenty of landings for the cats
my favorite is a space built for 2 cats
with cerebellar hypoplasia
(wobbly cat syndrome)
by Catio Spaces...

my sister and her husband are home sweet home
happy to take care of all their plants
fill the bird feeders 
and nap in their own bed

One more day of vacation
it goes so fast

Friday, May 24, 2019

Painting Break

totally the plan for me
I don't like getting my hands dirty...
but do love flowers

My sister and her husband are on their way home
they take a few days each way
enjoying the visits in small towns along the way

my family did an awesome job tackling my to-do list
still a little more for my local brother in law
after I get some painting done

local BIL became a certified 
Master Gardener after he retired
he also had a job with a landscape company
for a season learning more
he does a lot of volunteer work 
helping with beautification

my local sister is the painter
outdoors or in
but like me, never on a ladder

my NC BIL is the master of most everything
he is a retired Marine, has doctorate in something or other
taught GED classes and so on
he's the big brother I never had

he and my sister remodeled their 1920s bungalow
over the course of 20 years
wish I could turn them loose on this house!

my NC sister is the eternal hippie
an engineer who never used her degree
due to military travel with her husband
she is the boss of all of us
she organizes and keeps watch 
as well as doing all the pruning, weeding and planting
she RARELY stops talking

How lucky am I to have them?
as for me
I weeded and pruned for a while
them came back in the house to work on walls
lots of spackle after removing so much from the walls
the weirdest thing is no bathroom mirror
 they took it down so I can paint

am transitioning out of keto to low carb
I really cannot stand all the fat I've been consuming
who knew you could get sick of bacon?

I'll still be no bread, grains, potatoes, pasta
no high carb fruits or veggies
this will be much more sustainable for me

Wishing everyone a nice Memorial Day weekend
I remember my Dad and uncles, friends of the family
thankful for the sacrifice our soldiers made
so we could live our lives free

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May Vacation

Millenium Garden pattern by Jan Patek

my NC sister is here and she brought a few boxes
of older quilt books for me to sell
many out of print

She did bring the set of patterns for this quilt
Mom stitched it for me from Jan's kit
a real favorite
like the good sister I am
I've lent it to Deb until next year

I'm probably going to list them on 
a quilter's destash group on FB
unless anyone would like to see them here

I will make sure my prices are lower
than anywhere else online
but will charge actual shipping...

In other news
I have been busy doing work around the house
preparing for my sister and her husband
they arrived Monday afternoon
we already have my list of needed chores done
plus many I forgot about

my local and her husband where here yesterday 
and this morning helping out

a few things we got done:

tearing out old shrubs, covering area with mulch
trimming bushes, weeding, gathering sticks
sealing concrete cracks and outdoor painting
moving large furniture to a back room for donation pick up
removing curtain rods and ordering blinds

taking down shelves, mirrors and assorted wall mounted items
spackle and wipe down walls
filled in ground hog and chipmunk holes
washed windows, put screens in doors

and so much more
if I had done this all myself half would
never get done

We also did a huge Lowe's haul
I'll be painting all year
tomorrow I'm treating everyone to a "swanky restaurant" lunch
my local sister turned 70 this year
so I found out where her favorite meal was...

they don't stay long but we pack a lot in

this afternoon is my NC brother in laws day "off"
he and my sister visit all their favorite places
dinner together tonight

she's already chosen a few hooked rugs to take back
he picked some tools from the garage

I'm on vacation until Monday
they leave before dawn on Friday
one of these days I might
make it to NC

Hope you're all having a great week!
there has been no hooking or stitching to speak of...

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day dear friends!

I am blessed to sleep under the quilts
my mom hand stitched and feel her love

to stitch my own quilts and feel her with me
the memories of shopping for fabric

A day of tears and smiles

Saturday, May 4, 2019

YouTube rug hooking

I've been puttering around the house today
listening to and watching
Cindi Gay on YouTube

even an experience hooker
can learn something new all the time

do you watch YT videos?
seems a lot of folks watch floss tube
any recommendations?

my favorite is Taco Stacks
he scraps, sells at flea markets and online
something different than creating

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pinterest Inspiration

from my favorite Outsider artist

the Rudie rug wasn't working for me right now
am switching to an antique reproduction
just need to draw it on my linen

 something to stitch
with my small pieces of early blue

love the subtle colors

Friday, April 26, 2019

Rudie Hooked Rug

a start using already cut wool
still deciding on background
it will not be dark...

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Blue Basket

this blue basket
inspired the hooking for the Flag and Flowers rug
the colors in the rug here are true

two different filters 
to try and get the colors right

real colors are somewhere in between

two wools made up the background

another rug to keep
this went on the frame just now

Hooking some smaller rugs
to try out colors for some larger ones in my stash...

No Spend on Supplies 2019
is going great
nearing the end of the 4th month
there are a few things I want
but nothing I need

Would love to hear about what you've purchased
vicarious thrills and all that

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

More Happy Colors

a little washed out by the flash
love how this is hooking up
I NEED more of that old blue
used for the basket...

finishing up the beach room mat for Debbie

going to drag myself to work today
would rather be hooking
will be okay
when I get there...