Thursday, May 29, 2008

Olivia Was Here


She loves wool
maybe too much
and corners seem to be her favorite

I try use these as pinkeeps
but have to keep hiding them
or this happens

Repairs are no longer possible...
looks like they need a total overhaul


JoJo said...

Oh, oh! Looks like Olivia was a very naughty little girl! Your pinkeeps are adorable, Kelley, but I think you're right in that you're going to need to do a complete overhaul now.

Cats!! Ya just gotta love 'em. I learned very quickly that I have to completely remove my rug from my frame when I'm not working on it. Four out of my 6 cats were taking turns sleeping on my rug when I didn't remove it and the Snapdragon frame holds the backing so tight, I guess they figured they weren't in any danger of falling through. With a Siamese, a calico and several Siamese mix kitties, I was constantly picking long fur off my rug....LOL!

How's Chester feeling? I've been thinking of him and praying for his good health.

Jacque said...

Ohmygosh, Kelley...that Olivia is a problem child! Cute pinkeeps, though!

Dulcy said...

I don't know who Olivia is (I'm guessing a kitty), but I love your pinkeeps!


Beth said... fixes needed. It just gives them a more primitive look.