Friday, July 4, 2008

A Few More Freebies...

I'm on a kick right now...
things on little benches
Had some free time at work last night
and doodle these up!

Please feel free to snag them for
your creating pleasure
with a few limits...
No selling of the patterns in any form,
no mass producing finished items
and always give the designer credit.

~ * ~ Have a safe and fun 4th of July ~ *~


JoJo said...

Happy 4th of July wishes to you, Kelley. Your doodles are adorable and your bee balm is enough to take my breath away. So beautiful. Whisker kisses to Chester and Olivia.

Jacque said...

Love the do great work...(and you can too draw a bicycle)!

Deirdre said...

What a wonderful gift! Thank you for your generous spirit, can't wait to hook these!! Deirdre