Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

Two happy bellies today

I baked some chicken breasts
and they are full of broth and bits of chicken

Made them very lazy

<p> Chester napping in the dining (cat) room
I give up...
as soon as the wool is nicely stacked on the shelves
he and Olivia knock it to the floor
to make this little nest
for a good spot to hide or rest

cannot say how many times
I've cleaned it all up
to turn around and see them
on the cat tree pulling it down again...
oh, I yell at them...
but I'm smiling as I do it...

Heaven forbid I try to make this room
a real dining area

Olivia the pipster

resting in the breezeway...

she looks plump in the photo

but she's still just a little fidget

there is a window right behind her

and often a rabbit right outside...

she 'll perk on the back of the bench forever

just watching and twitching...

~a sneak peak

for my delphi RAK group...

took a regular digital photo

and turned it into a

cartoon page~

... soon as the rusty wire arrives

I can finish up the

witches with pumpkins


black cats with candy corn

and ship off this week!

1 comment:

Char said...

kitties look like me on a good Sunday...ready for a nap!...LOL