Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A few pics of the boy
from yesterday afternoon...
the spot where he is resting
was recently filled with wool
until he and Olivia
decided to pull and push
it to the floor


WoolenSails said...

They do love the wool. How do you keep yours clean? The spot Dora picked out is covered in hair now and I need to redo my shelves. Just hoping she will stick with one and leave the rest alone;)


Char said...

You know you should list your items that have been made with that wool as a BOGO.....they buy the ornie and get the cat hair free!..everyone likes to get something for free every now and then...I think this one just can't be beat!....LOL

AnnaSam said...

Beautiful cat!! Have a blessed day!

JoJo said...

Kelley, these pictures of Chester are great! What a beautiful cat he is! In fact, although their fur is colored differently, he reminds me so much of my Snowy. I've always said that Chester is too pretty to be a boy and that's so true. I've love to be able to reach in and pet him.