Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Cats

After I saw

photos of Elvis playing with his toy
I had to bring Olivia's
over from my parents house today...
following a treat of
baked chicken breast
Olivia went to town

Mine, mine , all mine

I can play all day

I prefer eating the catnip

And rolling on the catnip

then scratching the cardboard

Now it's my turn to play
I can sweep up all the catnip


Deirdre said...

How fun! I have never seen that toy before, have to look for one!

WoolenSails said...

At this they like it, mine never touch theirs.
They prefer to have me throw jingle balls at high speed down the hall, while they go jumping and banging into each other to get it. I do seem to get obnoxious cats;)


Brenis said...

LOL Kelley!!! Aint that the truth!! My cats LOVE this toy! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And when i put fresh catnip on it... watch out! lol It's Neeker's favorite place to scratch (thank God) and Pounces favorite place to get all ramped up! haha! Start looking right now for the replacement corregated cardboard though... lol ... we go through on every two months or so! :D They DESTROY it.. rip it to shreds - and have such fun doing it! :D

A Quilter Awakens said...

My kitty doesn't play much. That looks like it might interest her, since the one game she does like it hide and seek.