Monday, May 25, 2009

My Pretty Girl

She is so little and dainty

so gentle when she touches
my face with her paw
always wanting to be petted
and brushed
but then she hears a noise...

The mighty hunter appears

and she's off in a blur
Olivia is six pounds of wild cat
whether she's got her eye on
a cat toy
a chipmunk
or Chester
she thinks she's as
big as Godzilla

She's a little ray of sunshine
and is going to be
two pretty soon...

Look for her in a party hat
in June !!!


Jacque. said...

As much as I'm not a cat person, I love your stories about Chester and Olivia...and she is one pretty girl. Course, Chester is the handsomest boy around.

Deirdre said...

Can't believe she is going to be two already! She has the most beautiful coloring.

WoolenSails said...

I think little kitties are the funniest, they have more energy.


Lori said...


Olivia really does sound like Zoe!!lol
Can't believe she'll be two already!

Lori R

JoJo said...

Olivia is a beautiful girl. And a mighty huntress! So glad you keep them indoors and safe, no matter how much she might want to go out and hunt those chipmunks down.

Crystal said...

She looks like a cat I used to have as a little girl. :)