Friday, June 12, 2009

A Visit with Hannah

My sister and here husband

recently drove up for a visit
from North Carolina

bringing along our favorite gal

She looks average size

but is really very little
under all that fur

this scratching post
is in the living room
in our parents house
and is a favorite spot of hers

Rumor has it

she doesn't like her picture taken

but she held still for me

She is quite the little sweetie pie

loves attention and being petted

She's a bit smaller looking now
after a few days
using Chester and Olivia's
Furmintor brush


Hannah is a most special girl

a few years ago

she was found

climbing on a screen door

at a friends house

when my sister and her DH

rescued her...

she was wearing a little pink collar

but her original family

was never found...

From the day my sister

took her home

she's been an indoor girl

with no desire to set foot outside

~ever again~

You never have to worry

about her sneaking outside

when the door is open

As for travelling

she is the second cat

that makes the trip from NC

in the car

Hannah is quite laid back...


the little gray butterball

was all curiosity

and once escaped the car

at a rest area...

I'll find a photo of her to share...

She was another

great little girl


WoolenSails said...

I can imagine all the hair you got from her, lol.
She is a sweet looking kitty.


Brenis said...

What a SWEET thang!! And she likes to travel in the car??? Wow!!

Deirdre said...

What a sweet little visitor! She looks so at home in your parent's house.

Lori said...

Such a pretty girl!

Lori R

Joanne said...

Sucha beauty - and wow - like Bren said - how wonderful to have a traveling cat!!! Love those eyes!

JoJo said...

Hannah is a darling kitty. Her fact, with the white around her nose, reminds me of my Snowy. Don't you just love those Furminator combs? I can get enough hair out of 2 or 3 cats to actually clog up the vacuum!

Christine said...

She is beautiful! I just spent the last 5 minutes convincing Gannon that she was not Quinn! lol It's amazing how much she really looks like him! Gannon said,"yes it is- look at all the color on him." He has the same brownish undertone. And the face...they really could be the same cat :o)