Friday, October 9, 2009

Never in a Million Years...

Chester is not happy

Olivia is just wishing
he'll ignore her
so she can be warm!

this may never happen again!
they slept this way
for over an hour

booklets have shipped today
thanks so much


WoolenSails said...

That is so cute,she wants to snuggle. Mine do that with the dog, but he wants nothing to do with snuggling claws.


Cabin Creek Farm ♥ said...

I love it!!!! I wanna sneak in between them LOL they look so comfy and cozy together. Too sweet Kelley.

Farm Field Primitives said...

That picture is too funny. We have two also that will sleep in the same room on occasion, but never this close together. Don't they know they are supposed to be friends??? Have a great weekend.

Joanne said...


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Sweet Kelley, and you got a shot of it!

JoJo said...

What darling pictures, Kelley! Chester might not have been happy but at least he put up with it. In my house, Joey doesn't want to be around ANYone. She allowed Snowy to lay yesterday within 3 feet of her....I was shocked!!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Loving the way Olivia is glancing away in a different direction, as if she doesn't even realize he is there! Bob and Kirby will only snuggle when the furnace is broken... Jo