Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Olde Cat

favorite olde style cat
inspired by
antique rugs
and my
little buddies

just listed the
finished item
on eBay

this design
is also
in the
Along the Bittersweet Path

Olivia not included!


WoolenSails said...

What a fun design and it gets the Olivia stamp of approval. Or is she trying to eat those berries? My kitties always try to eat my fake berries.


moosecraft said...

Great design! Looks like Olivia is going to give you a tough time trying to pack it up for the winning bidder though! Seriously... LOL She has that look in her eye like, "Don't even TRY to take this away from me... it's MINE! " LOL!

Beth Twist said...

LOVE it!

primitivebettys said...

That is KEWL! I LOVE IT! :) So glad I've ordered my copy of the new book!




Love the design! I tried emailing you to buy your new book and it keeps coming back! HELP...I HAVE to have it! Sher

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Oh man, cannot wait for my booklet to arrive! These designs are so primly perfect. And the girl with two kitties makes my ♥ joyful! Jo