Saturday, October 3, 2009

Swaps and RAK

~The photo here does not

do justice to these incredible woolens...
good thing or you'd be

Bren and I did a great swap...
a box of my quilt fabric
for a box of
her woolens

~I think we are both
beyond happy about the

Here's her blog:

if you need some great wool too...
she has a website
and an e-crater store that
need updating
but am sure an email
will work too

her wool
is magical
got me hooking again
after about a year
of doing everything but

Our Fall Swap

on the eBay group
was last month
ooh la de da
did I receive a great package
from Ginger!

and yes,
that is a bit of purple wool
hiding behind the candle!

Close up of the gorgeous penny rug

Olivia ran off with it first thing
but no harm done
and it's now tacked to the wall
in a place of honor...
Thanks again Ginger for the
wonderful gifts!

here's a link to Ginger's blog:

A special treat from Sharon

Nothing like receiving a
Random Act of Kindness
gift out of the blue

and she used one of my
little designs for the
perfectly prim needle punch
basket lid

amazing in person

Thanks again for the
delightful package Sharon!

here's Sharon's blog:


Joanne said...

Kelley - looks like you had a great week of fun in the mail! that penny rug is gorgeous! Too funny abou tthe purple. The wools are drool worthy for sure!

WoolenSails said...

What great goodies, you deserve some fun packages:)
Can't wait to see what you are hooking now.


Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Lovely items for you, for sure! Jo