Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wool on Wool Retreat

It's retreat weekend

for our

eBay group

An American Primitive Gathering

(search for usaprim on eBay)

this month we are

hooking wool on wool

don't know why I never

tried this before

these two pieces are my

works in progress...

need to tinker with

the left one a bit

and guess who

took a nibble out of

the background wool?

As for Melrose and Olivia could be worse


Lori said...

So pretty!!

Joanne said...

Oh Kelly - you have to stop chewing on the wool!

Great pieces! Are you enjoying hooking thru wool?

Linda said...

I saw the beautiful picture of Chester and wanted to send my sympathy. I think my beautiful Katie is in the process of leaving me and I'm already mourning. My thoughts are with you.

Linda said...

I just read your older blogs and saw that Chester left this world in February. Even though it's been three months, I know the pain still unexpectedly returns as you remember something special about him.

Heather said...

Its looking lovely! I always admired this artform.