Sunday, June 13, 2010

Townsend Cutter Cartridge on eBay

After much deliberation

I've decided to list
my unused #8
Townsend Cutter Cartridge on eBay

It was one purchased

with my cutter
a few years ago...
but I've only ever
used the #8.5
and bought
a new #9
earlier this year

oh why oh why
didn't I get the #9.5
then too!!!

Listed a few other
items too...

Should be back to
normal posting soon
cat, rug and quilt stuff

Thanks to all who let me
know I was missed
during my blog


Jacque. said...

I was gonna come ring your doorbell if I didn't see/hear something today. Good thing you posted! {grin}

moosecraft said...

Welcome back! Hope that you are feeling much better!

JoJo said...

Welcome back, Kelley. And best of luck in selling your cartridge. I see you're getting bids. You should be able to sell this without any problems and hopefully, for a nice profit.