Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving with Cats

If you're looking for Olivia

she is on the couch
under a flannel sheet and quilt...

That's where she's been
since I brought the
cats here late
yesterday afternoon...

oh sure, she checked out
the living room...
from my lap

As for Melrose
he is bouncing around the house
checking all the windows

sniffing up a storm

jumping up eveywhere...
trying to open all the cupboards
it's F-U-N for him

Maybe by tomorrow
she'll step on to
the windowsill
to watch the birds...
if only a chipmunk would run by
she'd forget all about
being a sweet little scaredy girl


Courtney said...

Animals are funny, aren't they? I was more worried about my corgi when we moved than the move itself. Long ago, when my mom was moving to PA from MA, the cat ran away. I stayed back a day with my boyfriend to find her, then put her on a plane to catch up with my family! Poor kitties!
Hope you get settled in soon!

Kim said...

Yes, pets can be a slave to routines. A move must be quite unsettling for them. I'm sure they will adjust quickly.

WoolenSails said...

I think boys are more adventurous, so they love new places and girls are happy with their own surroundings. Maybe since you have had Olivia longer, it will take her longer to adjust.


Linda said...

Love the graphic. Poor Olivia. I can relate. I brought a new kitty home last Friday and he has been a very shy guy! I think we're getting a routine established. Hope you're getting your possessions settled.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

I'm sure you will be posting pictures of them both sunning themselves in a sunbeam very soon :). What a chore you have ahead of you, but oooh, so worth it! What a summer you will be having in your new place :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

I read before our last move, that putting a tiny bit of butter on their front paws helps them get comfy, as they pick up the "taste" scents of their new home.

We did it just one time with our 4 kitties when we moved here, and it did seem to help. But we didn't let them out for about a week. :)