Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My body forced me to take
a day of rest today...

I started out
thinking it would be a
productive day...
emptied a few more boxes
putting things away
tormenting the cats...

then a shower
after that my body
said "no more"
there went my plans
to pack another load of stuff
from the old house
maybe clean a bit

a three hour nap!

Now as I sit
at the computer
looking out the window
at the bird feeder
squirrels in the backyard
feeling tired is all worth it
I'll be able to enjoy this house
and yard
as much as the cats do...


the other day
resting in between
chasing Olivia around

Olivia watching the birds

a few days ago...
the snow is gone now

Olivia the first few days


living under the blankets


Loris said...

progress, slow and steady.
nice to see ms.olivia at the window :-)

WoolenSails said...

That is a lot of work you did in a short time and with work, you need a few days rest;)

Good to see the kitties are enjoying their new home and I know that wonderful view is a joy.


moosecraft said...

I can almost feel how tired you are through your words... but, then again, your words can also almost make me see your smile while staring out the window into your yard! Take a break and renew! You know the whole AAPG gang wishes they could be there to help!

Orange Sink said...

I think your babies are happy! Sure didn't take them long to adjust! Moving is hard hard work and taking a nap is a must! Glad you are taking care of yourself!
You are going to LOVE your yard..... did you say your snow is gone! I am jealous!!!
Cathy G

Courtney said...

No wonder you're tired...moving is horrendous! I'm so glad to see Olivia out from under the covers! You have already unpacked quite a bit, if your previous posts were any indication. Rest up a day or two and you'll take the weekend by storm!
Happy settling in!