Monday, May 30, 2011



Richmond Virginia

graves of Confederate Soldiers

On May 30, 1870, General Logan gave an address in honor of the new commemorative holiday. In it he said:

"This Memorial Day, on which we decorate their graves with the tokens of love and affection, is no idle ceremony with us, to pass away an hour; but it brings back to our minds in all their vividness the fearful conflicts of that terrible war in which they fell as victims.... Let us, then, all unite in the solemn feelings of the hour, and tender with our flowers the warmest sympathies of our souls! Let us revive our patriotism and love of country by this act, and strengthen our loyalty by the example of the noble dead around us...."

As we so peacefully stitch our new quilts

using reproduction Civil War fabrics

may we not forget the price of freedom

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moosecraft said...

Great post, Kelley! That quote says it so perfectly!