Monday, May 9, 2011


I was pawing through a basket full of yarn

looking for the pumpkin shade I need to whip

a rug...

Turns out it wasn't a basket of just yarn...

it was half full of woolly worms

they are everywhere!
No matter how much I hook

they keep turning up

filling the baskets...

May be time for another giveaway

possibly a surprise

to one of my hooking friends

(insert evil laugh)

might it be you???


moosecraft said...

lol! That innocent bowl of yarn turned into one of those surprise New year's Eve poppers! Mighty colorful though.... :-)

Orange Sink said...

There may be another beautiful hit and miss rug in your future! Those worms do have a way of multiplying and showing up everywhere!
Cathy G

Joanne said...

Kelley - you can't leave worms alone for one minute - I think they get a breeze and it makes them multiply (sortof like a drop of water in the sink makes dishes multiply) I just don't know how this happens but it's an unexplained phenomenon - Hmmm maybe it's cat hair that produces worms?

Gayle said...

What a surprise to find worms in an unexpected place! Too bad money doesn't multiply the same way, huh? LOL

Kim said...

Yes, those wool worms act just like rabbits multiplying!

Ter'e said...

It's the fertilizer!!!! You must be putting "MIRACLE GROW" on your wool. Then, the elves come out at night and cut and hide worms, just to drive you nuts! Or maybe Olivia has learned how to operate the cutter!!!!